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Ping Exchange provides a user-friendly trading platform for all major cryptocurrencies, FIAT, quoted commodities and metals at highly competitive transacting fees.

We provide great services

Ping Exchange will certainly impress users with it's effective performance, ultra-fast response and order matching times.

Ping Exchange is designed using the latest and most recent security standards.

Ping Exchange users are protected by state of the art security services while giving our clients the option to secure their accounts and transactions through the use of two-factor authentication, sms and/or email pins.

The Ping Exchange responsive user interface design provides our clients seamless access to our dynamic exchange platform transacting via web, desktop, notebook, tablet and or smartphones.


provides the following platform


cryptocurrencies to FIAT money and vice versa.


cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency.

Online Trading

buying and sell FIAT and cryptocurrency.

Cold Storage

to store and protect all cryptocurrency coins and FIAT with offline wallets.


preventative measures in (KYC) know your customer and (AML) anti money laundering.

Payment Gateway

to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

Metals & Commodities

buying, monitoring and selling of precious metals and commodities using FIAT and/or cryptocurrencies.

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CEO & Founder
Michael Loubser

COO & Founder
Ockert Loubser

Head Developer
Rastislav Vasicka

Technical Manager
Juraj Seffer

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